Temporary Rebellion
Photographic and video documentation of
public performance on N1 highway, Pretoria

At a time it felt as if half of every day of my life was spent negotiating traffic, fighting my way from point A to point B and then looking for parking once I'd arrived, only to be confronted by a car guard insistent on protecting my station wagon while I was off conducting my business in order to afford the means to sustain myself in the all-consuming cycle called urban reality. To help me see the lighter side, I enlisted the help of friend and aging rocker Brian Schwarz. We went straight to the heart of the beast; the N1 artery linking Johannesburg and Pretoria. Setting up his drum kit in a carefully considered position, we prepared ourselves to be interrupted in our public demonstration by the police or some form of authority. Fueled by the background traffic noise, Brian banged out all his energy, playing his drums for 90 minutes non-stop. Eventually we called it a day and packed up, feeling satisfied. Apart from a few motorists who had reported their out-of-the-way sighting to local radio stations, our temporary rebellion went unnoticed in the tireless flow of an ordinary day in boom town.