jungle jet

Jungle Jet
Reeds, wood, lights
300cm x 140cm

In the mid 1990s South Africa is 'the new kid on the block' of the international art scene. Jungle Jet plays on the Afro-centric/Euro-centric debate of that time and takes a ride on the drawing style of local township artist, Tito Zungu. The artwork sells and with the proceeds I buy an air ticket for my wife Leán to accompany me to Groningen, the Netherlands, where I take part in a six-month study course in new media. With the Dutch sponsorship I am given the opportunity to publish educational Infotoons on the Internet and Le├ín and I are introduced to computers and digital media. We return home in 1997, and in the following ten years we apply our newly acquired skills to establish a work studio and are involved in a variety of educational and corporate projects.