mozambiqueHoneymoon, Mozambique
Leán Coetzer with motorbike

Throughout the 1990s this bike was part of my art and daily life. On a few exhibition openings the engine revved along with live performances by musician friends, filling the gallery with blue smoke and petrol fumes. During the Groundswell show, I rode the bike from London to Scotland and back and took 200 photographs of it in the landscape.

RDP 123

Motorcycle and encyclopaedias
shown on Brown and Green exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum

Because of my involvement with the production of educational cartoons for emerging farmers in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Council, I become aware of the great demand for knowledge transfer in South Africa. A towering pile of encyclopaedias just barely balancing on the back of my motorbike becomes a visual metaphor for my perception of the large mass of scientific agricultural knowledge that had to be re-processed for 'grass-root level' use, as envisioned by the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP).